Annual Contribution Report

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Annual Contribution Report

Postby jermomonty » Wed Jan 30, 2013 11:15 am

I'm having trouble generating a simple report.
A total annual contribution report - to mail receipts to our donors.
It needs to have these columns: full contact name - first name - total annual contribution - mailing address.
Again, only total donations during an annual year.
All the templates are imcomplete to export/generate this report.
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Re: Annual Contribution Report

Postby Madelynn » Wed Jan 30, 2013 12:52 pm

Hi Jeremy,

CiviCRM will generate reports listing all contributions a donor made for the year, but doesn't give an aggregate total. If a report totals for the year, it doesn't include mailing address, only email and phone.

CCRM expects that receipts and thank-you letters for contributions is sent for each and every contribution made throughout the year. This is easily done by using Search --> Find Contributions and searching on a date range. Then select your individual contacts and choose "Print or Email Contribution Receipt" or "Send Email to Contacts" from the Action drop-down field. If you use "Send Email to Contacts" you can set up a message template and include the Contribution_Last token in the email. You can also send a PDF letter to contributors using Search --> Advanced Search --> Contributions and specific a date range as well. Then select your contacts and choose "Send PDF Letter", again, first creating a template with the Contribution_Last token.

There is a bit of a work-around if you'd like to export aggregate totals for the year and include the mailing address:

Report on aggregate totals for contacts for the year by using either one of the reports as mentioned above or use
Search --> Custom Searches --> Contributors by Aggregate Totals
Export this data.
Now perform an Advanced Search using the same date range. Export these contacts.
You'll now have their mailing address information. It is a matter of eliminating all those columns you don't need and adding a column for Yearly Total. Copy and paste the totals from your Aggregate Total report to this one. Just make sure you've got everything sorted correctly!

Hope this helps!
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