Menu items showing up only on some pages

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Menu items showing up only on some pages

Postby trechter » Wed Jun 06, 2012 11:09 am

Hello, I'm running into an odd problem. I've added a login link to the top navigation bar of our site ( which only shows up on some of the pages when not logged in. When logged in (as an administrator) it shows up regardless. Adding further oddity is that by checking the Content Management-Content-List page I can look at differences between the pages that display the link, and those that done. The main difference appears to be that the url for those pages that don't display the link is automatically generated, and uses hyphens instead of the %20 code for spaces. I can even change the url for the page that DOES display the link to use hyphens and the link disappears (though the url is slightly different specifically own%20a%20home changing to own-home) and the page formatting changes slightly. This occurs on other pages with spaces in their names. It's as though two near identical pages exist, and one displays the link while the other doesn't. I'm pretty lost here.
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Re: Menu items showing up only on some pages

Postby Madelynn » Wed Jun 06, 2012 11:51 am

If you're not seeing your changes while not logged in, you need to clear the site cache. Please refer to this post:

Please DO NOT use spaces between URL Path Settings or file names. We have installed a feature that will automatically create a friendly URL alias that conforms to standard naming conventions. You now do not have to either input a URL Path Setting, nor do you need to rename your file names before upload.

The pages that are not using the "automatic alias" feature were built by us before the feature was in place. Please make sure you do not replace hyphens in the URL with spaces or %20. This is not only a security hazard, the Apache server doesn't like it at all and some of your pages may end up returning a "Page Not Found" error with certain links on your site because the alias is now incorrect.

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